Plumbing Services Overview

Call us for every plumbing need. Really. We mean it!

From home drains and designer fixtures to commercial plumbing LeapFrog hops to it!

  • Have an emergency? LeapFrog will be there for you, 24/7.
  • Want to install a new toilet, faucet, water heater, etc.? We’re on the spot.
  • Got a repair problem? Yep. LeapFrog can handle it.
  • Need a gas line hooked up? LeapFrog at your service.
  • Sewer line giving you problems? We’ll jump right in. (Yeeks.)
  • Safety on your mind? LeapFrog does it – from seismic safety valves to earthquake strapping.
  • Searching for the right products for your revamp or remodel? LeapFrog can advise you, then install the fixtures when you’re ready.

ONE CALL does it all. We hop to it! Give us a call today! (925) 933-1245

Types of Services

click below to see the services we offer. This list is really long. if the job is related to plumbing – gas, water or sewer – we probably do it even if you don’t see it on the list.

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